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Detalhes do produto

capa HENRY MANCINI - The Real...The Ultimate Collection - box 3 cd's - (CD)

Preço: R$ 130.00  Comprar
Gênero: Orquestras
Ano desta edição: 2014

60 Faixas:-

Peter Gunn
Moon River
Mr. Yunioshi
Baby Elephant walk
Happy barefoot Boy
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Frish Frosh
Pie-in-The-Face Polka
Big noise from Winnetka
The brothers go to Mothers
Goofin' at the Coffee House
Mr. Lucky
Blue Mantilla
Theme from "Hatari"
Latin Snowfall
Just for tonight
Moon River Cha Cha
CD 2
The Pink Panther Theme
A shot in the Dark
Walkin' Bass
Raindrops keep fallin' on my head
Midnight Cowboy
By the time I get to Phoenix
The Inspector Clouseau Theme
Dream Street
The Party
Girl in no Man's Land
Darling Lili
Two for The Road
We've loved before (Yasmin's Theme )
It had better be tonight
The Sweetheart Tree
In the arms of love
Candlelight on Crystal
Birdie Num-Num
Pennywhistle Jig
CD 3
The windmills of your mind
Experiment in Terror
Bagdad on Thames
Mambo Parisienne
Theme from Shaft
The Godfather Theme
The Magnificent Seven
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Moonlight Sonata
Theme from Love Story
Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet
Days of Wine and Roses
Theme from The Molly Maguires
The Thor Birds Theme
The Summer knows
The Untouchables
Mystery Movie
Theme from Cade's County
Dream a Little dream of me

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